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The SCS-400 is a Sealed Parcel Delivery (SPD) system which effectively secures your fuel from loading to delivery in accordance with EN15208. The system provides detailed and accurate information both locally on the tank truck as well as live remote viewing via our SCS Analyser web software regarding the details of the load and any changes in the load status.


The SCS400 System only requires power from the truck tractor which enables larger flexibility for your fleet.

System Procedure:


  • Compartment status confirmed as EMPTY prior to loading.


  • Compartment status changed to SEALED after loading (Top or Bottom loading)


  • Seal status is monitored in transit.


  • Unique non sequential seal number allocated to each compartment.


  • Seal status is monitored for up to 72 hours when disconnected from main power (Pre-Load)


  • Offloading outside an authorized geo-fence is flagged and an alert is immediately sent.


  • Compartment confirmed as SEALED prior to off-loading.


  • Compartment confirmed as EMPTY after off-loading.


  • Frustrated delivery handled by resealing of compartment.


Features and Benefits:

  • Uniquely numbered sensors assigned to the vehicle


  • Live online information on the status of all sensors and compartments


  • Real time monitoring and recording of all loading or unloading points including bottom valve sensor movements


  • SMS and/or e-mail alerts when unauthorized events occur


  • Product contamination prevented/limited


  • Driver procedure monitored to ensure correct loading/unloading procedure is followed


  • Compact, rugged, lightweight enclosure (Cast Aluminum)


  • Alpha numeric keypad with integrated stop and start button


  • 2 x LCD screens with back light

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