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Take control of your metered deliveries with the EM6 Multi Point Controller from Metermatic. The EM6 has been designed to meet the ever-changing market demands for flexibility and visibility in tank truck load controllers. Now with GSM/GPRS and GPS as standard, you will know immediately where and how much your Tank Truck has delivered

Incorporated into the system you can also monitor the opening and closing of your APl’s and Manhole Covers.


  • Dual Meter operation and valve control.


  • Temperature compensation standard



  • Full Pneumatic control of loading and offloading procedure, with option for pump back capabilities.


  • Interface to manhole covers and API adapters for open/close reporting to our web analyzer software.


  • All meter pulsar types can be utilized.

Features and Benefits:


  • Stores up to 32 000 transactions per EM6S


  • Selectable temperature compensation tables

  • Programmable prompts


  • Automatic adjustment of final trip point


  • Up to 8 products per metering point


  • Continuous monitoring of critical functions


  • Compact, rugged, lightweight enclosure (Cast Aluminium)


  • Multiple communication ports


  • Alpha numeric keypad with integrated stop and start button

  • 2 x LCD screens with back light

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