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Metermatic (Pty) Ltd, is a South African company based in Johannesburg, primarily involved in the design, development and manufacturing of electronic equipment used in hazardous locations within the petrochemical industry. Products include electronic flow computers, sealed parcel delivery systems and various electronic sensors and software. Metermatic holds an IECEx QAR accreditation for the manufacturing of IECEx certified equipment and ATEX QAN accreditation for the manufacturing of ATEX certified equipment. We have also received a Chinese NEPSI approval for our SPD system.

The Metermatic team is known for providing innovative, progressive products and systems designed around and tailor-made to customer and market requirements. Our Research and Development division’s in-depth industry knowledge and flexible approach allows us to create products and systems integrating the most advanced technology whilst entirely meeting our customer needs and requirements.


Metermatic was founded in 1985 where we began supplying electronic metered equipment to the local South African petrochemical industry. With over 30 years of experience, Metermatic’s sound knowledge and expertise have allowed us to keep up with the ever-changing demands in the industry. Today our product range has grown, and we are able to supply custom products to customers in countries all over the world.

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